Ridgeland SC Traffic Tickets

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Ridgeland South Carolina Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you were traveling down I-95 in South Carolina and received a speeding ticket in the Town of Ridgeland, SC, all is not lost. Call a local lawyer in nearby Beaufort, Attorney Christopher J. Geier, for a free consultation to discuss your options. For years, Mr. Geier has worked as a speeding ticket lawyer and he has helped thousands of drivers deal with their traffic tickets in Ridgeland.

Don't Give Up! 
Nearly everyone has experienced it. Your heart skips a beat as you look in the rear-view mirror and see blue lights flashing behind you. If you are near Ridgeland, in Jasper County, South Carolina, there is a good chance those blue lights belong to an officer with the Ridgeland Police Department. If you receive a speeding ticket or other traffic ticket from a Ridgeland Police Officer, you will be given an court date with the Ridgeland Municipal Court, located at 1 Town Square in Ridgeland, South Carolina. While the ticket may not require a court appearance, if you choose to pay the ticket you will effectively be pleading guilty to the charge.

When you choose to just pay the ticket and plead guilty, you run the risk of a number of secondary consequences. If you are a South Carolina driver, a Ridgeland SC ticket may result in points on your license, increased insurance rates and even a possible suspension if you accumulated too many points on your license in the past. If you are an out-of-state driver and you receive a traffic ticket in Ridgeland, in most cases your home state’s DMV will be notified of the conviction and you will be assessed points based on your local point scale. Additionally, some states automatically suspend drivers with high-speed convictions. Finally, if you have a commercial driver’s license or if you travel for work, your job may be in jeopardy as a result of a Ridgeland ticket.

A Local Lawyer You Can Trust 
What should I do when I receive a ticket in the Town of Ridgeland?
Don’t go it alone. Christopher J. Geier is a veteran and former prosecutor who fights for drivers who receive speeding tickets in Ridgeland, South Carolina. Mr. Geier’s office is located a half-hour away from the Ridgeland Municipal Court and he is well acquainted with both the Court and the Ridgeland Police Officers who prosecute these cases.

Some attorneys claim to be "local," when they are really located hundreds of miles away and handle cases all over the state using phone calls and letters to attempt to work out a deal. Attorney Christopher J. Geier only handles local cases where he actually appears in court to represent your interests.

Whether you are facing a simple speeding ticket in Ridgeland or a more serious charge like DUI, call the law office of Christopher J. Geier for a free consultation. Mr. Geier represents both local and out-of-state drivers in Ridgeland, SC to obtain the best possible result. We will work to have your case dismissed or reduced to minimize the negative impact of the traffic ticket on your license and insurance. Mr. Geier will handle your case personally and give you the aggressive representation you need and deserve.

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